Once upon a time in a faraway land, high up in a castle……….. Okay, this is a fairytale in Northern Michigan and in Northern Michigan our fairytales involve good beer, big boobs, and a campfire. Here’s the real story. It was long ago, well 2008, and the faraway land was Roscommon, Michigan. It was another cold and crappy night that this big bearded country boy knew just how to make perfect- he hopped on his snowmobile and headed to a local watering hole. Several beers later he began flirting with the big breasted bartender. He discovered they had absolutely nothing in common. She was a vegetarian, he liked steak. She like getting her nails done, he liked getting dirty in the garage. A few more beers and they discovered they both liked…… beer. The End.

Well, that would have been the end, but Jason was tenacious. He chased the big breasted bartender around until she agreed to go out with him. They both enjoyed camping and water, and it turned out they both still liked beer- and each other. And so it went, a northern Michigan love story. Jason and Heather moved in together where they lived in sin and began a small home brew kit in their garage. The brewery expanded and they turned their love for beer into a world class set up, hosting friends and family regularly for debauchery and bad decision making. In 2011, Jason proposed to Heather and they had a fairytale wedding. All of Heather’s bridesmaid’s wore dresses they hated and Jason’s friends all got drunk and hit on the bridesmaid’s despite their attire.

Jason and Heather use hops from their garden where they grow cascade hops and barley. They use an all grain system where they crush their own grains. They use honey from local farm markets, pick apples from the local apple orchard and aim for the best quality craft beer. Jason favors IPA beers and Heather favors bourbon stouts, though you will find a wide variety of 8 different beers on tap at their in-home brewery. Northern Michigan has many breweries that inspire the couple which they frequent often- including their local favorites Bells, Shorts Brewery and Northpeak Brewing to name a few.

Jason-BrewEnjoys brewing & appreciating beer. Metal detecting, camping, gardening and making maple syrup. He also enjoys wood working, modern rock and apple/berry picking. From welding to soap making and everything in-between he truly is a highly skilled bearded brewmaster.


Animal lover. Vegetarian. Real Estate Agent. Nature Lover. Enjoys drinking beer, camping, kayaking, essential oils & playing with her cats. 10 years experience in bartending. Also enjoys visiting micro breweries with her husband.